Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Blue Victorian Beaded Earrings Pattern

Free right angle weave earrings beading pattern

Free Right Angle Weave Earring Bead Tutorial

I think it's time to post a free bead pattern on MyAmari. This has been out for a little while on Bead-Patterns.com; I just haven't gotten around to posting a full version of it here. These were made as a matching set to the Blue Victorian Pendant Necklace.

Before we get started though, here's a list of a couple more free earring patterns for you to try!

Around the Beading Table's Dragonfly Earrings
Linda's Crafty Inspiration's Arabella Earrings
MoonPerl's Late Sunset Earrings 

What you will need for the earrings:
I have put in parenthesis how I will refer to the beads in the tutorial:
-4 of 4MM bi cone crystal or glass beads, Teal w/AB Finish (4 MM crystal).
-42 of 3MM pearl glass beads or similar, White (3MM Pearls)
-1 gram size 11/0 Miyuki Round, Matte Silver-Lined Capri Blue #25F (Blue 11/0)
-1 gram size 15/0 seed beads, Transparent Blue (Blue 15/0) I used Bead Treasures Trans Lt Blue Inside Color from Hobby Lobby.
-0.5 gram size 15/0 Miyuki Round, Silver-Lined Crystal #1 (Silver 15/0).
-2 of 4MM glass pearl or similar.
-Size 12 beading needle, scissors & Fire Line (4 or 6 pound test).
-Earring findings. I used hooks.