Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Introduction: The Beginning of a New Endeavor

A Day of Candle Making

I'm thinking about transitioning the direction of MyAmari this year that will reflect my personality. I've noticed a pattern of behavior throughout the past few of years of not sticking to just one craft or hobby for a really long time. I get into a slump and that particular undertaking is put on a back burner for a while. Excitement comes with a shiny new (and old) hobby in a month or few, and I'll pour my free time, mental and physical energy into that for a time. 

While this seems like a pointless and endless cycle, I always come back to everything I've put down at some point. So rather than beat myself up constantly about this quirk of mine, I'm just going to embrace it. I'd like to make my focus, or un-focus rather, on the many passions I have. I will still do beading tutorials when I am on my bead kicks, but I would also like to share with others helpful information that I find, and my journey as I go through my other ventures.

Before I get started on my candle making ramble, I have to say that I am married to the most patient and supportive man on the face of the planet. Anything I voice out loud as an idea, he says do it and supports me 100%. Not once has he complained about me starting something new, my craft stashes throughout the house--or just out,  my partially finished projects, although he does nudge every once in a while about our crochet quilt that's still in progress. I so love my honey ♥ Thank you.

This is the introduction of my series of candle carving posts, and how it all started.

It's easy to digress from one idea and turn it into something completely different...