Monday, April 13, 2015

Cleopatra Necklaces Boxed Up and Ready To Go!

I love Pinterest. Now a days whenever I want to look up how to do something or for new projects, I'll "Pinterest" it. I can pretty much find anything from a new fitness routine, to ideas how to decorate cookies from a particular cutter, or make up and hair styles for date night, organization ideas, kid activities,
and the latest, a gift box.

Anyway, I finished up a couple of the Cleopatra necklaces last week and worked up a matching set of earrings for a wonderful lady that I met at the bakery. In search of a DIY jewelry gift
box to pack the necklaces in, I came across a nice little box tutorial
by It's Always Autumn . She lists templates for several different treat boxes. I went with her brownie box using a full 12 by 12 sheet of cardstock. I wasn't able to print directly on the cardstock because I wanted to keep the full size, so I ended up printing the template on a plain sheet of paper and taking the measurements from the edges of the template onto the cardstock and marking it up accordingly. The original box was a little short for what I needed, but it was easy enough to modify.

By next week some time (maybe this week), I will have the Cleopatra earrings tutorial up on my blog :) Now off to take photos!

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