Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Beaded Flower Hair Clip Pattern

Simple Bead Embroidery Pattern

I'm still working on getting my blog back up and so far, I think I'm liking Blogger. It seems a little easier to post to vs Wp but I guess today will really be the test. Here's a simple one :)

 What you will need:

-An artificial flower pulled apart. I used a purple mum but you can use anything. Be careful as some have glue that keep the petals and layers together and makes it harder to sew through.
-A 4 MM glass or acrylic pearl bead.
-A variety of seed beads, your choice of color. I used size 10 Czech opaque white, size 11 Miyuki round silver-lined crystal, size 11 Miyuki round opal, and size 8 white satin Japanese cylinders.
-Hair clip with a hole on the end to sew through.
-Size 11 or 12 beading or sewing needle, thread/wax or FireLine and scissors.

1.   Pull apart the top of the flower. Thread approximately 4 feet of thread and tie a knot on the end. Using a couple layers of the flowers, line up the center holes and sew up from the bottom of the flower layers very close to the center hole. String the 4MM pearl and bring your needle across to the opposite side of the hole close to the edge and down through the flower. The 4MM pearl should now be covering the hole.


      2.    Bring your needle up through the flower close to the 4MM pearl but not directly under it. 


3.   String approximately 13 opal 11/0s. If you used a different center bead, just pick up enough beads to make a full circle around the center, using the center bead as a guide. Once the beads are strung, sew down as close as you can to where your thread is coming out of.


           4.   Sew up through the flower inside of the seed bead circle as we will start to secure these beads to the flower using the couching method.

            5.   Sew down on the outside of the seed bead circle across from where your thread is coming from. This should have your thread going over the circle. Once you pull your needle through the bottom, this thread will secure the thread going through the inside of the seed beads.


      6.       Skip a couple of beads, then repeat steps 4 and 5 around the circle, coming up through the inside of the circle and down the outside of it to secure the beads to the flower. You will want to do this between every 2-3 beads.


      7.      Once the seed beads have been secured, sew up just outside of the circle (7a). Pick up your next set of seed beads to go around the previous circle you just made (7b). I used 20 silver-lined crystal 11/0s. Sew down as close as possible to where your thread is coming out from. Secure this seed bead circle by repeating steps 4-5 (7c).




      8.       Continue to add seed beads around in layers and repeat steps 4-5 (8a, b) to secure them to the flower. It may help to go through a couple of beads at the end of the circle first before sewing down into the flower to help straighten out the circle and prevent gaps (8c). Complete all bead layers and sew through to the bottom of the flower.




      9.       Turn the flower over and add the TOP of the clip to the bottom of the flower. Sew this on to secure, taking care when going through the beads on the other side. When the clip is secured, sew a couple of stitches through the bottom of the flower and tie a knot. Repeat a couple of times, keeping your needle in the bottom layer of the flower and under the beads. Cut your thread. *Optional step- The bottom part isn't seen when it’s on but you can glue a petal or leaf to the bottom to cover up the stitches. I used E-6000 adhesive to glue a petal on a rose clip I did but I think a hot glue gun will work too.

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